Helped more than double MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and more than triple sign up conversion rate is an online education company (recently named the #9 fastest growing education company in the United States by Inc magazine). I worked with them from 2015 February - 2017 June.

What I did

During that time, my main focus was on optimizing their conversion rate at every step of their funnel from landing pages to homepage, pricing page and checkout.

In the process, I conducent a series of UX research: heatmaps, user surveys, traffic polls, analyzed video sessions, UX audits, and more. Used the data to design a number of A/B tests and identify opportunities that led to some big wins. As well as assist with new product feature development, new product development, referral program and analytics improvements.

Some highlights and CRO improvements I designed (that were highly successful):

Free trial instead of money back guarantee

During our research, we discovered that users expressed a strong desire to make sure this resource is going to be as usueful as advertised before paying. We experimented with a free trial instead of a money back guarantee, it more than double MRR and nearly tripled new signup conversion rate. You can read more details here:

Sign up form on key landing pages

The majority of their traffic was coming from specific landing pages, and visitors who landed on those pages had to go to another page to sign up. This lead to a lot of drop-offs in between). We tested a signup form on the landing pages so the visitors could sign up without going to another page and the signup conversion rate increased by more than 20% (which might not seem much but these landing pages were responsible for 80% of traffic coming in making this a significant improvement overall)

❝Emils is a pleasure to work with. He did a good job on identifying opportunities, made excellent suggestions and helped us more than double our conversion rate and revenue.

-–Matt Sellers, CEO at