Isolta: 400%+ growth in paying users

Isolta_growth_mixpanel Increase in paying users since we started our cooperation (Jul 2017) (part of Accountor Group) is a small business invoicing software serving more than 35000 users across 5 countries since 2001.


They are leaders in Finland and have a solid user base in Estonia however international expansion was slow. This was mainly because of local invoicing regulations, some cultural differences and other common challenges for multilingual products (e.g. translations).

By the time they approached me in summer 2017, Isolta was getting a solid amount of signups in Latvia (my native market) but with poor retention. Furthermore this challenge was also present in other markets they recently entered - local small businesses were signing up but did not engage with the product and thus not converting to customers.

What I did

The first steps were to uncover the root of the problem, so I conducted:

This helped us better understand local invoicing rules, define who is the target user in this market, and more importantly what’s preventing them from using Isolta. As well as uncover existing issues with the funnel and product.

Using the insights and data from research I formulated the hypotheses, revamped the go-to-market strategy, led the execution and recruited a content marketing team (the awesome, smart and highly capable Truesix) to assist with content and translations.

Some of the key tactics we executed:


This new strategy resulted in significant increases in the quality of the traffic and also quantity (better targeting):

Conversion rate for purchases increased by ~420%:

And more importantly significant improvements in retention (users kept coming back and use the product which is the main lever for sustainable growth):

Emils helped us gain growth in Latvia - significant increases in new free users and paying users . We gained valuable knowledge and deeper insight about the Latvian market (our end customers, local invoicing norms and standards). We have also been able to apply the learnings we’ve got from his work in our other locations as well.

We are very satisfied with the progress we have seen as a result of our cooperation. Without the Emils, who has knowledge about local norms, standards, culture and language as well as growth marketing competence and valuable networks, we hadn’t been able to achieve the growth we’re seeing now.

Working with Emils has been a pleasure - always easily reachable, systematic, competent, results oriented and reliable. Just easy to work with. Would definitely recommend working with him.”

–Mikko Ilomäki (and team Isolta), CEO at