Optimize your website’s conversion rate and grow your revenue

Here’s the bottom line: there are really just two ways to increase your online sales:

Sure, you need visitors foremost, but money spent on acquiring more of them disappears as soon as they leave without buying anything. Not to mention that paid advertising is only getting more expensive and SEO is only getting harder.


Money spent on optimization keeps coming back

If you start optimization today you will have far more revenue after 10 months than if you wait for another 10 months to start.

Just a 5% improvement in sales each month is almost 80% improvement over 12 months (If you are wondering how that’s possible, it’s because of the compounding interest effect).

You will improve returns from all your other marketing efforts as your website will be more effective in converting visitors into customers.


Every day that passes you by is a day of lost potential revenue

Yesterday, a healthy number of your visitors were perfectly ready to buy from you but for some reason they didn’t do it.

Tommorow, approximately the same amount of visitors won’t buy either.

You are missing a lot of opportunities and if you only keep investing money just in acquiring more traffic, this gap of missed opportunities just increases.


I can help

But where do you start? What exactly do you need to change? How do you make sure that you’re doing it right? And how do you make sure there’s a real improvement from your efforts?

There are lots of myths and faulty case studies out there. What works for others will not necessarily work for you, because your business is different.

Plus this may not be your highest priority for your business right now. You’ve got a ton of other things on your plate. Optimization does take a lot of time and there are many ways it can go wrong.

Let me help save you hours of unnecessary trouble and frustration. Let me work alongside you to make your business run smarter and more profitable.

With my service, I will do everything you need to do:

If your investment in my services isn’t able to generate a return for you, I’ll fire myself. I don’t want you to waste your money if I can’t give you a good ROI.


Who is this for?

This isn’t for everyone, you should apply if:


What you get:

To put it simply, I’ll focus on improving your conversion rate every month so you can focus on running your business.


Are you any good at what you do?

I spent years figuring this stuff out on my own, made every possible mistake with my own projects, sifted through lots of websites, books, courses, closely followed and learned from top experts and personally experienced what works and what doesn’t work.

Some of the awesome businesses I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

One of my client’s conversion rate after working with me:

What people are saying about me:

Working with Emils has been an awesome experience. He helped us more than double our conversion rate and revenue. I look forward to continuing to work with him.

–Matt Sellers, Founder/CEO at Quimbee.com


Emils did a great job, not only with working on the sales page but also on email strategy, easily beating my 50 members goal.

–Tom Ewer, leavingworkbehind.com


I’ve worked with Emils on a number projects. He is a talented and astute conversion optimization consultant, you will be in very capable hands.

–David Crowther, nervecentral.com


How much do your services cost?

Monthly retainers start from $2000.

I’d like to work with you for an initial three-month engagement, in order to gauge whether we’d be a good fit.

At the moment I’ve got the capacity to take on I’m fully booked .

ROI focused

All I care about is how much profit I can drive to your business. The goal is to make your money back by a minimum of 10x your investment.

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Emils Veveris